Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gran is still bland

I recently went on Gran Fiesta Tour with two of my friends who had never gone on before. One had seen the original River of Time and was commenting to the other about how that first ride was - that if she were Mexican, she would have complained.

Then Fiesta Tour started. Let me tell you, her mouth was agape during the whole ride. I forgot that this ride was supposed to represent a culture - and though I give that fact a minus in the podcast - during this ride, I realized how over-the-top ridiculous every scene is. A quote from my ridemate, "I am offended for all Mexican people."

If this ride was somewhere else - like Toontown, I think it would be okay. Here, though, it's more than a ride because it's representing a place and a people. Thoughts?


andy pandy said...

Whoa...that is terible, for sure. But are you offended by American adventure? or Hall of Presidents? Not all Americans are three point hat wearing, gun toting, flag waving overly proud citizens.

It's all just a bunch of fun! Grand Fiesta is a hoot! I love it.

Scott said...

I'm slightly offended by American Adventure. I like a lot of it, but the sappy parts make me cringe. "A cannon ball don't pay no mind..." Ugh.

Look, I'm with you, okay - it's just a goofy ride with Donald and friends. But c'mon. You think Morocco or Great Britain would stand for having a ride like this in it?