Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bustin your shops

I don't have much to say about Disney shops. I think they are becoming homogenized, and I can't really figure out why. I can't think of one store that I HAVE to hit each time I'm there. I hate the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney because there is just SO much there - but nothing you can't get anywhere else. The stores in the different lands have some unique items, but not enough to make me want to check each one.

Above, you'll see a badge I picked up in...guess where? Frontierland! It's personalized, has Mickey on it, and it is unique to the store where I purchased it. And it was (relatively) cheap!

Where do you like to shop in the World? What's the best place to find a unique-to-the-shop item?

Oh, and Disney - please start selling figures of the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor monsters somewhere! I really just want Mac and Jeeves / Sam and Ella. Thank you.


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andy pandy said...

I really like the kitchen-y store near the haunted mansion! Also, the african store at animal kingdom...and villians in vogue, at the studios!