Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Special Experiences

I am planning a trip to the world come February, and i think i would like to include some unique experiences. I realize that they cost extra, but when you are not paying for the hotel (this one is on the parents) you can afford to splurge a little bit. Here's what i was thinking:

1. Wishes dessert party, Magic Kingdom. I think we will go when there are bigger crowds, so the dessert party will give us a chance to see the fireworks in a more relaxed way. As i get older, i find myself less likely to stand forever in wait of something. This is no lines, no waiting, and you get to have some dessert while enjoying the show.

2. Wild by design, Animal Kingdom. This is a tour of Animal Kingdom. It has been a while since i got to go on a tour, and I think that this is one my parents and i would really enjoy. I haven't read many reviews of this one, but i like that - i will be able to see things from a fresh perspective. This tour, if I read it correctly, will explain the design choices that the imagineers made when creating the park. That sounds like it is right up my alley.

3. Segway tour, Epcot. I love technology, and I would love the chance to see the world showcase open before it is really open. The price tag is scary, but i rode the Segway and loved it at Innoventions, so i think it may be worth the cost.

4. Yeehaw Bob, Port Orleans, Riverside. Finally, a freebie! Since the folks aren't really into staying out too late in the parks, i think this is going to be perfect. We might stay at French Quarter, and i think they will like to walk over at night and see Yeehaw do his thing. We loved Jellyrolls, but I think the crowd has become a bit too rowdy for us. Bob's audience is more our speed.

That's what i was thinking - any suggestions?

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Amanda said...

Segway Tour, Segway Tour, Segway Tour. Times a million!