Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode #14 - Gran Fiesta Tour

The Five Minute Magic crew searches for a musical duck in this episode. We learn that cliff-diving and Pinata Donald are the heart and soul of Mexico, alcoholic drinks may (or may not be) carried aboard, and the fiesta finale isn't so gran. As a special bonus for this episode, Melissa has no voice. Ha, I kid.

Episode #14 - Gran Fiesta Tour


Scott said...

I love the soundtrack to this episode. Granted, I chose it, but kudos to the Mexican pavilion for having such a great variety to choose from. Here's the list of songs I used:

Mexico Pavilion - 4:18
Mexico - Mexican Hat Dance - 2:32
Mexico - El Rio del Tiempo - Short - 1:10

May you always be delighted with the beauty of Mexico.


Emily said...

I agree, Scott! The El Rio del Tiempo music was probably one of my favorites growing up. I've listened to the ending of the podcast about 12 times already.