Thursday, August 13, 2009

the river of time to relax

My feet ache in Disney World. So much so that I wear two pairs of socks everywhere. I wear my sneakers down to nothing in the first day, and by day 3's marathon tour of World Showcase, I have a hard time standing still for too long.

But after I endure and enjoy standing for the Chinese acrobats, and limp my way past the African Outpost, I know that there are 8 minutes of shoe solace ahead - El Rio del Tiempo.

The original ride was perfect for that last stop of the tour. No matter the time of day, the ride took place at night. The breeze and sound of rushing water calmed you as soon as your boat jutted from its dock.

The entire ride was muted; the music and sound effects were not loud, but still gave you a sense of what was happening around you. The scenes did not force images in your line of sight, but rather, let you discover the culture as you slowly floated through.

This ride was not striking, but it fit the theme of the pavilion perfectly. It is nighttime in a small village in Mexico. Patrons shift through the outdoor marketplace, taking time to observe each item and stall. Diners eat by candlelight, overlooking a slow-moving river.

And on that river, in a slow-moving boat, a boy is resting his feet.

link to: El Rio del Tiempo, the original

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