Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Toys

On a recent WDW Today episode, the boys (and gal) discussed park icons that weren't official park icons. The most popular one was Tower of Terror, but I think that they missed an important new symbol: the entranceway to Pixar Place.

Toy Story Mania feels like the next generation Disney attraction. It's bright and colorful, interactive, and combines multiple technologies to creative an amazing experience. Most of all - it's the most fun I've had on a Disney attraction in a long time. There's a reason why the lines are ridiculously long at 11:00 AM and stay that way throughout the rest of the day - people love this ride.

I'm hoping this leads to a Hollywood Studios renaissance. The days of it being a working studio are over. Expand Pixar Place to the Backlot Tour and Lights, Motor, Action areas. Develop CarsLand and a Monsters Inc ride. Can the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area and transform it into a Bug's Life place (Hey how about a Wall-E ride in Tomorrowland while we're at it? I mean cause it actually takes place in the future and all). Let Pixar run rampant.

I know that some Disney fans will get upset because classic, pure Disney characters aren't getting the nod in this transformed Studios, but as long as they make the rides as fun as Toy Story Mania, I don't care. The Studios we knew is dead. Long live the Studios!

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andy pandy said...

great point scott! Pixar is the best thing to happen to Disney in the last three decades...and continues the long line of inovative animation...while being easily integrated into the parks. More pixar!