Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top 5 - Help Needed

Hi all -

As you know, we released our first ever Top 5 episode. We need help to make it have a unique spin (like we feel our typical review podcast has). What do you guys think? We need something that would be relatively quick (5 - 10 minutes), include 2 - 3 people, and yes - a top five list.

Any thoughts?


andy pandy said...

Top five foods in Disney World! That would be a lot of fun!

padme said...

top 5 rides!
top 5 characters!
top 5 resturants!
top 5 snack foods!
top 5 stores in downtown disney!!

Scuba Stef said...

Love the top five shows. They make me think of my own top fives. I would like to hear the top five jobs you would like to have within WDW. For example: I would love to give the Keys to the Kingdom tour. I would also like to tell people where to line up in Soarin'. It's weird, I know, but I hate it when they don't fill in all the spaces.